Ours is a travel management company established by a group of professionals, each having over twenty years of experience in the trade. The thrust of our business is

  • to provideto corporate client, comprehensive and resourceful solutions to travel and expense management
  • to be an integral component of our client’s business process and
  • to retain our position as the leading supplier of travel related services by harnessing key differentiators in technology and management
    information service.

We have been in operation for over two decades now and handle a large number of small and medium sized accounts and are one among the leading travel management companies in Bangalore. We operate with appropriately qualified personnel, are fully automated with over ten reservation terminals to handle all reservations with ease and speed. Customers have a 24 hr access to us and we can render prompt attention to any emergent situation

We offer cost effective travel management packages to include a gamut of services. We have a full fledged branch office at Chennai and full time representatives at Mumbai and New Delhi to assist in handling of visas and other travel needs of our clients stationed outside the state.

Our directors, Counter and Customer Service Executives have formal IATA prescribed qualifications. Our skill sets in key areas like resource management and customer response are constantly updated through training sessions, both in-house and external. It is a matter of great pride for us that with our firm commitment and sharp focus, we have, since our accreditation in 1994 bagged performance awards every single year.


Our Vision

" To be one of the top three preferred
travel providers in the world, and make every journey
a beautiful experience".

Our Mission

" To provide a host of unique, innovative,
and wholesome services to the traveler that will add value at every
step and make the journey hassle-free".


As a consolidator of contents we have an advantage and can quickly decipher the best possible combination of flights, hotels, insurance, car hire tour packages etc. that perfectly suits the traveler schedules, convenience, requirements & budget. Using a combination of vast knowledge, experience and access to global content , we would be in an undoubtedly much better position to get the best possible. The internet technology has also developed channel to increase the scope and change the travel distribution landscape. The booking modules, application interfaces and other internet solutions have enabled us to enlarge the geographical spread. We are no more confined to the limited radius around the periphery of our physical location. We now offer online booking, ticketing and other services to customers across a virtually unlimited area transcending state, regional and national borders.

Our travel consultants and ticket experts guarantee quality of reservation and can provide flexible solutions which allow efficient management of business rules & practices. All predefined criteria are checked before generating the ticket. Each reservation itinerary is suitably formatted for mid & back office use. An automated capture of low fare recommendations are made available to the personnel which provides the flexibility to show all available options and provide accurate estimates to the corporates. Itineraries, PNRS’, ticket number, departure terminal information, can also be sent to mobile phones, through SMS. Corporates can also receive automated notification of time and schedule change on the mobile phones. Some of the additional features are last seat availability, interactive advance seat reservation, seat map, etc. The access sell functionality provides a dynamic availability display due to the real time link to the airline inventory system.

We have in place an efficient hierarchy enabling the corporates to escalate complaints, suggestions and feedbacks. Front line operations are under supervisors who are monitored by the account Managers in turn, further escalated to the Manager corporate services and then to the COO. Bench marks, targets, turnaround time and quality are maintained at all levels and service review meetings are conducted in house regularly to ensure smooth functioning. Cost benefits, revenue potentials are tapped by client specific negotiations with the Airlines and other vendors after identifying travel and usage patterns. Meet and greet assistance are provided within the parameters of the airline airport regulations. VIP lounges, pre-check in assistance, baggage check in, reconfirmation, help in lost/misplaced baggage, by and large a 24/7 support is what we are capable of.


We are committed to quality concepts in our delivery of products and services. We have in place guide lines on the systems to be adopted by each one of us. We maintain high service standard and have customer relationship management tool in place. We adhere to the travel policy of the corporates and ensure strict compliance. Our executives are oriented to accord top priority to emergency services and groomed for crisis management. Service response times / recovery are on par with industry standards


  • Understand client’s hierarchy
  • Understand client’s needs
  • Build customer relationship
  • Allocate trained staff
  • Train on client’s expectations
  • Review & audit client’s policies and profiles periodically
  • Confirm reporting requirements
  • Stick to service agreements

Complaint Resolution

Our disputes resolution process naturally prioritizes swift and mutually agreeable resolution. Our consultants and Account Managers are empowered to take charge of issues and provide immediate solutions if possible as and when problems arise. The initial priority is to identify the root cause of the issue and implement corrective action measures to mend the situation and minimize the chance of repeat occurrence. If issue remains unresolved after 24 hrs senior management intervenes. For more serious issues intervention would occur sooner.


Our Schedule of Charges:

  • Air Reservations: Domestic (Legacy Carriers)
  • Air Reservations: Domestic (Low cost Carriers)
  • Air Reservations: International (Commissionable Carriers)
  • Air Reservations: International (Non-Commissionable Carriers)
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Car Rentals
  • Rail / Bus Reservations
  • Visa / Passport facilitation services
  • Online travel insurance

Payment Terms

Bills/Tickets issued between the 1st and the 15th of the month.

Payable to us on or before 30h of the same month.

Bills/Tickets issued between 16th and the last day of the month

Payable to us on or before 15th of the following month.

Note: Payments made through Credit Cards would incur bank charges extra.